WarStages: the Ultimate Epic Scenery

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Much More than a Gigantic Cathedral: 

Stunning, Modular, Immersive, Practical, Great Value. You don’t need to paint it, you can turn it into nearly any type of building you want, this is the ultimate scenery kit!

Big as a Convention Display for a Fraction of the Price: 

Have you ever dreamt of owning one of these amazing convention display centerpieces? Now it is possible at a fraction of the cost and time. The WarStages scenery is so immersive that each of your game will feel like a blockbuster movie!


for a kit of a similar size

WarStages is WAY below the price of Games Workshop and pretty much all other terrain brands prices FOR A KIT OF A SIMILAR SIZE. AND you don't have to paint it (and pay for painting supplies). And it's ready to play, no modeling and painting time.

The WarStages Concept: 

WarStages are made of BRICKS, CLIPS, and STAGES. Assemble the BRICKS (basic elements like floors, walls, etc.) with a few CLIPS to build large architectural elements: the STAGES (towers, large portals, rooms, etc.). Move the Stages around to completely transform your gaming table in less than a minute: infinite layout possibilities.

Assembling CLIPS, BRICKS and STAGES: 

Our uniquely designed CLIPS allow for a crazy amount of modularity. Slide them between 2 BRICKS and they nearly disappear.

What is it made of? 

The WarStages kits are made of 1.8mm thick high-quality super-dense coated colour-printed pre-punched cardboard. Once it is assembled with our Plastic clips, it creates super sturdy structures. We chose this material after over a year of testing all possible options.

Customization, Accessories, Furniture

With a vast array of accessories and furniture and the nearly infinite possibilities of our modular system, you’ll be able to customize your gaming table like never before.  

It’s All in the Details

We spend countless hours sculpting the entire Cathedral in 3D to achieve super deep and detailed textures that really pop out. We went even further with the Furniture. It looks like small jewels on the gaming table.

Which Kit Should I Pledge For? 

Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Cathedral? 

Do I also need the Gothic Daedalus Extension? 

Know that MEDIUM Cathedral + 1 Gothic Daedalus Extension is what we used in all our images and videos. When you choose this kit or the larger ones, you know that you are getting at least one of each of the Bricks and Stages that we designed. 

To get a better feel of the size of the various kits, see the comparison images at the bottom of this page

Stretch Goals: Freebies and more Freebies 

95% of the Stretch Goals unlocked during this campaign are be Freebies, so you get an amazing amount of free stuff! And that’s not all. The bigger you pledge, the more Freebies you get! (see pledges description)


All the images you see have been made with hand-crafted prototype. Some images were not made using the final designs of our clip. Watch the Assembly video to see the final look of our clips. 


With such a wide range of customization, you’ll be able to use your WarStages and Daedalus Extension for any type of games: gigantic apocalyptic battles, regular mass combat, skirmishes, RPG, and, why not, even jazz up your board games with tri-dimensional terrain. 

It’s Gonna be a Limited Edition

Due to the way the printing industry works, we’ll do only one run, as large as possible to keep costs down. But once it’s gone, that will be it. 


Please budget approximately 10 to 15% of your total pledge amount for shipping. We will only collect shipping fees when we are getting close to ship. This way, we don’t immobilize your funds unnecessarily.  

Size Comparison

to help you decide which kit you need, here are some comparison images - Click for full view.