Welcome to the Late Pledging Site for WarStages

WarStages: The Gothic Cathedral - LATE PLEDGES

WarStages is THE Scenery System for 28mm scale miniatures you've been waiting for: Ultra-Modular, Epic, Flexible, Gorgeous! 10x Cheaper than Plastic, 4X Cheaper than Resin!!!

You just came back from holidays and discovered that the WarStages Kickstarter was over ? Or you wanted to pledge but didn’t had the funds available during the campaign ? 

Fear not, this website is for you. Read the info below, check out the details about WarStages, then go to the Shop section


You’ll notice that, at this time, you cannot add an Add-On to your pledge. THIS IS NORMAL.
YOU’LL BE ABLE TO GET ADD ONS once we open the pledge manager, and so to up your pledge once more at that time.
Also MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE to the WarStages newsletter to be updated about the project’s news and evolutions.


Make sure that you check the campaign page to see how much the original kits have been expanded with many free walls, floors, ruins, furniture and accessories. 


Please don’t be shy, if you are unsure about anything, if you would like to know more, or if you just want to say hello, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll gladly answer all queries. You can also check out the WarStages FAQ page.


This shop is set-up to accept Credit Card payments (using STRIPE as a provider). If you can only use Paypal to pay for your pledge, then please go to Paypal.me/loudnraging, enter the amount matching the pledge level that you want, and hit Next, then follow the instructions. https://www.paypal.me/loudnraging

Please for all legal information, refer to the FAQ and Risk and Challenges section on the Kickstarter page.